BoardGameGeek JSON APIs

This is not production quality code, and it is not running on a production quality server. This is simply sample code. This code is not intended to be comprehensive and lacks things that a production solution would need (e.g. throttling and caching). See this BGG post for more details.

This server wraps some of the APIs from BoardGameGeek as JSON endpoints. All endpoints support simple HTTP request, CORS, and JSONP. To make a JSONP request, include a callback parameter in the querystring of your request.

Use of these APIs is subject to the BoardGameGeek API terms of use.

As mentioned above, this is not running on a production quality server. If it gets too many requests in a short period of time, it will temporarily shut down. If you have some high volume use case, please set up your own server. You can find the source code here.

Game Collections

URL Format:{username}?grouped=true|false

This endpoint returns a user's game collection. There are two modes. The first mode, grouped=false (this is the default), just returns a flat list of the games in the collection. The second mode, grouped=true returns the collection with any game expansions nested underneath their parent game.


Flat List:
Flat List (JSONP):
Grouped List:
Grouped List (JSONP):

Recent Plays

URL Format:{username}

This endpoint returns a user's recent logged plays.


Recent Plays:
Recent Plays (JSONP):


URL Format:{id}

This endpoint returns the details for an individual entry in the BGG database (e.g. a particular board game).


Agricola Details:
Agricola Details (JSONP):

The Hotness

URL Format:

This endpoint returns the list of hot games from BGG.


The Hotness:
The Hotness (JSONP):